Here's another video of some Jamiroquai. I've chosen 'Hooked Up' this time because I think it's one of the best examples of Toby Smith's comping. There are so many reasons his Rhodes playing is so funky - the ghost notes in the syncopation (which I've tried my best to cover here), the voicings he uses in combination with a fantastically set-up Rhodes, and the way he plays around the groove.
There's another (subtle) moment of genius in this track which I'll try and highlight with an annotation - during the verses he mirrors the stacked 4th chords with a synth. It's low in the mix but it sounds like the flute setting from an Arp Pro Soloist (the type of thing Herbie used to back his Rhodes solo in Chameleon) - it's unlikely to be that though, since the Pro Soloist was monophonic. If anybody knows exactly what Toby Smith is using in this track, please let me know and I'll update it on here!

For this video, I've put the Rhodes higher in the mix as I got several comments about that on my last video.

This video was recorded:
Rhodes suitcase mk1 88 - Apogee Duet (direct from amp outputs) - Logic.

(Original song 'Hooked Up' credits: T Smith, (C) 1993 Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd. )

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