Here is the first video I shot with my brand new RED EPIC-X! Shot in 5KFF using Duclos Cine-mod Tokina 11-16mm t2.8 and RED 18-50mm t3.0.

I just got my EPIC-X last week. Since I've been working so much I haven't had much time to post or even shoot with it. Finally I got some free time and I took an awesome day-trip with my dad to shoot the world's largest redwood trees!

So far I am extremely impressed with the capabilities of this camera. This is the second RED video I have edited in Adobe Premiere. (the first being shot on the RED ONE MX) Considering I use After Effects and Photoshop every day, I am 100% done with FCP. Premier took me about 1 hour to adjust to.

I love being able to edit raw 5K footage (or even 7D footage) without rendering! If you are having trouble deciding on wether or not to switch from FCP to Premiere, JUST DO IT NOW. Trust me. I waited 5 months to switch when I should have waited 5 seconds.

The Epic-X is by far the coolest camera I've ever shot with. The capabilities are endless!

Vimeo is a great place to lean more about everything! So I want to help every vimeo member out! Feel free to email me, or post any questions you have about my epic, the workflow, or whatever you can dream up! I will answer every single question 100%.

Music by Leo Kaliski

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