In order to make the realistic CG squirrel perform in a live action environment, the timings and actions of the animal were blocked out by the boutiq team during pre-vis. After analyzing reams of squirrel footage to understand how these creatures moved, our animators lovingly key framed the squirrel into life. Various simulations were created to add realistic fur (over 6 million hairs) and muscle movements to the animation. Shot on location we added lots of 3D plant extensions during post production to simulate seemless interaction between the squirrel and the environment. Our goal was to make a humorous spot, and make the film look as believable as possible, since the squirrel and the "exploding" flowers our entirely computer generated.

Director boutiq: Mike Huber
Production Company: boutiq
Producer: Florian Liertz
DoP: Tobias Dengler
3D Artists: Semir Saleh, Bahar Öner, Chris Hempel
3D Animation: Adrian Suter
Compositing: Adrian Suter, Pascal Schelbli
Composer: Bernd Klanke
Sound Design: Bernd Klanke
Agency: Inflagranti
CD: Lorenz Killer
Consultant: Lorenz Schmid
Client: Hauert

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