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My kiwi colleague, Jeremy Beale, of Auckland, New Zealand, recently forwarded me his mate Danik Sygrove's latest music video (youtu.be/-6Jecma5-0g), Two Way Radio's "Next Life," which was exceedingly creatively well=executed.

This was weeks after receiving news of Jon Twogood's session musician ensemble, The Adults, and theit smash hit (for NZ, but 58k+ views is *nothing* to sneeze at) "Nothing To Lose" (youtu.be/fx6G0NGZJxU), featuring New Zealand's popular songstress reggae-ist Lady Six.

It got me thinking: why are kiwis so creative and how did they get to be this way? From which deep, rich skein do they draw this well of seemingly endless talent, verve, and antipodean skill?

Jeremy (radicalalice.com) described the phenomenon as "The Great Knocking Machine," which is how New Zealanders refer to their tiny but mighty island nation's ability to get the job done.

I liked it a lot, so I thought I'd add my two cents' worth of ideas.

The chief question I pose is why do some nations like:

** New Zealand/NZ.
** "The Start-Up Nation," and
** the United States.

succeed in turning the corner, going from good to massively great, while others -- with all the on-paper talents to achieve and soar -- languish in also-ran-dom?

We probe this issue in today's videoblog...

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