Step 1: Witness the fuckery behind the fuckery of Hellpit Faeries video shoot for "It's The Most Fucking Wonderful Time."

Step 2: Escape looking like a stupid dumb, fucking fucktard and go on ahead and watch that "It's The Most Fucking Wonderful Time" video. It's, like... right there.
If you're too stupid to find it, you probably shouldn't be watching it anyway. You won't understand WTF is going on.

Go on, Smarty Arty. Stop being a little bitch, click on that shit.

Step 3: Don't be a stupid dickface. Go download your FREE copy of Hellpit Faeries "Jingle Fucking Bells EP" at

Step 4: Click on all the like buttons.

Step 5: follow @hellpitfaeries @jeangreasy and @MelaMachinko on Twitter.

Step 6: Tell your friends to do steps 1-6.


Step 8: Make yourself a cocktail. YOU'VE EARNED IT!

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