This is the complete performance that I edited a collage from [see ]. This includes a couple of minor blue screens. But it also includes me trying to get somebody [females] in the audience to be in the mess with me. Failing that I go out of the room into the hall in search of a brave woman! I finally find one! [Or is she really a plant who I worked with before?]

This also includes the messy aftermath and clean up!

More Joanna:

From the original poster:

The A.S.U.C. Presents
Recycled Dreams
the second year of the
performance series
by Frank Moore

Every other Tuesday, from 7 to 9 p.m., Mr. Moore turns a classroom (125 Dwinelle) on the U.C. Berkeley campus into a bubble of reality in which even grown-ups can let go of their silly limits and play like kids. This magic is called forth by combining Mr. Moore’s live performance and video art with the works of other artists, dancers, musicians, actors and designers.

October 9th - In The Mess
Human hot fudge sundae and a space dance are high lights of this surreal childish dream.

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