Cast and Crew
Noel Taylor
Micah Kuhl
Jason Raabe
Tony Evans
Music by monmothmamatic
Words by Micah Kuhl
3d by Jimmy Barron

© 2012 Noel Taylor

space control to spacetown
thrusters ready for space
excursion 36479
darkness. limitless. space.
blackhole. blackhole. rocks.
rockstown. spacerocks.
crock pots. dance.
dance like the asteroids
in their beautiful tumble
decisions. rank. battle. fate.
limitless. space. darkness.
weekend and weekday
fallen to the subscription
space excursion 36479
rest. control. battle yr station.
station man. company man.
blackhole. blackhole. rocks.
feeling limitless in are accent.
done with supermarket coupons?
done with hamburger helper?
no more lines of automobiles,
racing for nothing. nothingness.
goodbye stationary.
hello sweet sweet emptiness.
fixation station. exaggeration state.
see. be.
it's a hole. it's dark and weary.
space control to spacetown.
thrusters ready?
angels. radicals.
lesbians and figures.
watching and seeing.
films left behind.
feelings left unfelt.
destruction. void.
uncontrollable wiltering welterweights.
pounds and ounces.
tried leaving. can't.
wasting and petrifying.
left blank
black blunders and blackness.
fixtures not worthy of fixing.
jews, germans and poles.
all left behind.
here in space we are.
we live!
yr a graduate.
you fool.

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