Kwik Jackson, a relatively well-known fursuiter in the Furry Fandom, asked me about two months before this year's Midwest Furfest if I'd consider helping create a music video to represent the dancing female fursuiters of the fandom. After hearing the details of what she was wanting, I decided that it'd be a pretty fun and rewarding way to spend some of my time at MFF, and creating a more "professional" looking video was something I'd been wanting to try for a while (I'd NEVER even attempted anything remotely like this before). The video you see here is the result of that.

I can't possibly thank everyone enough who helped out or participated in making this. You were all fantastic to work with, and I hope that you enjoy what you contributed to here. :)

Recorded at Midwest FurFest 2011 and then took about another month doing post-production (whenever I had the time, and had to completely learn Adobe Premiere and After Effects from scratch). Hopefully all the effort shows through.

All footage is registered copyright to Char. All audio content is copyright to their respective owners.

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