An unconventionally painful hip-hop video for London based artist Benny Diction's single from his debut album! Shot in one day on Canon 7D and 60D.

Made by: Marco Vallini (
Cinematographer: Stefano Arditi
Production Manager: Paolo Bogna

Find Benny at:
Facebook: "Benny Diction" and "The Punning Clan"

Girl in blue: Isabelle Seleskovitch
Girls on the sofa (in order of appearance):
Francesca Di Giuliano
Chiara Rigoli
Roberta Ballarini
Joanne Merritt
Stephanie Tyrrell
Jana Oechsner
Other party girls (in alphabetical order): Oya Bacak, Monica Bilotto, Ileana D'Antoni, Marsha J. De Salvatore, Grace Lerose, Sophia Qayyum

Special thanks to Steph and Jo for all their help and work with location, props, costumes, make-up, driving people around, feeding cast and crew and boozing them up when we couldn't see.

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