This is a complete new approach of hip-hop music clip creation. Thanks to WDDW Group & London Southbank University students we have managed to shot an innovative underground images using incredibly simple tools.

20 years old artist who is about to become a father works at steel factory in Zabrze, Poland. We have used his images shot in the factory during Somi's night shift.

"Somi" is a great man. I have met him in Warsaw - Poland on the "MAIEUTICA" documentary set.

MAIEUTICA is a film produced by WDDW Group about the meaning of various - sound & image embedded messages being created by various artists around the world, mainly in hip-hop culture, business & entertainment industry. It is a personal journey about how today's mass-media based creation affects young generation education process.

Directed by: artur jozefowski .
Director of Photography: Maggie SJ .
Lyrics: Mateusz Sommer [Zabrze, Poland]
Track: Eminem . Mockingbird

Somi . ANALIZY 2011

AJ . WDDW Group © 2011

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