I was born in 1970 in Pontresina, Engadine Valley, snowboard since 1985, built my
own snowboard, ride contests since 1986,
quit boarding school for snowboarding, rode tons of contests for 12 years, then
worked in marketing and design at Northwave, Rad Air snowboards,
Bogner clothing, shot many snowboard movies as rider, organized X-trail jam in Tokyo
Dome for 8 years in a row, was cofounder of the TTR with Terje and 8 other
friends, am president of the TTR since day one. The TTR was founded to bring focus
into the sport of snowboarding, to crown the best riders every season and
to evaluate the best snowboard contests in the world year by year. We push
progression in snowboarding and are working hard to broadcast our sport as
it is, so the history of snowboarding stays alive and grows into one of the worlds
biggest winter sports.
Today i work with the TTR, and work on Film/ Media projects as freelance consultant.
Snowboarding helped me a lot in my life and i was always able to use many of the
assets of snowboarding in everything i did.
The creative input i got from snowboarding is priceless.
The motivation driven by friendship between all riders for a sport and a cultural
idea has formed my brain during my whole life.
I am really thankful for everything i was able to experience through snowboarding.

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