Progressive studies for Flamenco Guitar. Solea (Book/DVD) - Mehdi Mohagheghi

Language: Spanish and English

Solea studies for flamenco guitar, suitable for all levels. Measures and falsetas, including variations are studied gradually, reaching an accurate level to play falsetas of famous flamenco guitarists. Once you mastered all the studies, you will be able to play your own pieces mixing different falsetas as studied in this DVD.

Multiple audio options: Guitar and Cajón, Guitar and Metronomo, Guitar, Cajón

DVD Contents:

Basic “LLamadas”
Study 1: The first 6 beats, Study 2: Beats 6-12, Study 3: Beats 1-12 ( one complete “compás”), Study 4: A complete “compás” using triplet rasgueos, Study 5: A complete “compás” using 4-stroke rasgueos, Study 6: A complete “compás” using 5-stroke rasgueos, Study 7: A complete “compás” using Arpegios

Study 8: Beats 10-12 ( called Remate) is the ending phrase of each “compás” of solea, Study 9: Another variation of Remate, Study 10: Another variation of Remate using Ligados, Study 11: Another variation of Remate using Ligados, Study 12: Another variation of Remate using Ligados, Study 13: Another variation of Remate

Advanced “Llamadas” 
Study 14: A complete “compás” using a remate for beats 10-12, Study 15: Another complete “compás” using a remate for beats 10-12, Study 16: A complete “compás” using Arpegios and Ligados, Study 17: Another example, Study 18: Another example with a new remate, Study 19: Another example, Study 20: Another example, Study 21: Another example with a more complicated pattern for beats 7-9, Study 22: Another example, Study 23: Another example, Study 24: An example with two complete “compás”, Study 25: A complete “compás” using Picado, Study 26: Another example using p/i, Study 27: An example using Rasgueos, with some syncopation, Study 28: A complete “compás” using Alzapua, Study 29: Another example using more complicated Alzapua
Falseta 1: This falseta can be used as an introduction, Paco Serrano, Falseta 2: A traditional flaseta, also useful for improving the left hand technique,, Falseta 3: A modern falseta useful for practicing Arpegios, Vicente Amigo ,, Falseta 4: A traditional falseta using Arpegio/ Picado, Falseta 5: A traditional falseta, Falseta 6: A falseta which can be used as an Introduction, Paco Peña, Falseta 7: A tremolo falseta, Paco Peña, Falseta 8: A modern Falseta, Tomatito, Falseta 9: A modern Falseta, Paco de Lucia, Falseta 10: A modern falseta, Mehdi Mohagheghi, Flaseta 11: An arpegio falseta, Moraito, Falseta 12: A modern falseta, Mehdi Mohagheghi, Falseta 13: This falseta can be used to end Solea, Tomatito, Falseta 14: Ending, Mehdi Mohagheghi

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