This video was inspired by two windy days and the music of Sigur Ros, specifically the track "Gong" from the album Takk. They're amazing.

It is my first attempt at making a video, and any criticism/advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

How it came about: I was bored sitting in the basement, another overcast day. Then I looked up and saw all the trees swaying back and forth. "Gong" happened to be playing at the time, and it just seemed to work. So i put on my iPod, put "Gong" on repeat, and headed out into the woods.

All shots were taken either in my backyard or at one of two local parks I visited.

I know it gets shaky and pretty dark at points. Sorry about that. Just recently got the XHA1S...and no tripod yet.

Equipment: Canon XHA1S , FCP

Any questions, please feel free to ask.

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