In an ealier video, we’ve seen how to crack WPA-2 network keys using a dictionary.

While that technique works, it could take an awful long time, especially when brute forcing.

On this technique, named ‘Evil Twin’, we take a different perspective to the attack. Using a powerful long range wireless card (Alfa AWUS036NH), we clone the target network to confuse our victim. Then, we deauthenticate the victim from his own wireless network and wait until he connects to our access point – which looks exactly like his.

When the victim connects, he is redirected to a service page asking for the WPA-2 key in order to access the internet. As soon as we get the key, you can either allow the victim to use the network (maybe improvise some password sniffing?) or just bring it down manually.

For this example I created a service page, started apache and mysql to store the keys typed in a database.

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