For those who wanted a 3D preview: Okay- here is the anaglyph intro. Recording this video or changing an anaglyph in any way will usually ruin the 3D properties. Vimeo compresses the video and changes the frame rate, so the DVD ROM file is much better quality- but this will give you an idea of what to expect. You will need red-left-eye/cyan-right-eye glasses to view the 3D depth.

I did a lot of work as a rider and filmer to make this video unique. As I stated, only the original file will show the best 3D anaglyph properties- so either buy it or copy a friend's. Of course as a small producer, if everyone copies it, I won't be able to make a bigger and better project!

Entire 44 minute video for sale on

May you find truth and beauty in whatever you do, Enjoy!

Nat Bartholomew
Spinteck Ltd.

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