my birthday video for katzie! the awesomest person! :P

Description from YouTube:
oh my god look who is finally uploading something! xD i know it has been something stupid like a year since I last uploaded something o.o -hides-

but anyway back to the point, this mad style amv if for one of the most awesomest people ever! Kat!! :D i'm sorry i have been so inactive lately D: but i knew your bday was coming up so I had to make something for you! i know it ain't the best but i was seriously lacking time to correct all the mistakes in it (it really shows towards the end..) i hope you like it though, i knew you liked shana a lot and we always seemed to end up talking about how awesome mad amv's are so i thought i'd give it a shot..XD i hope you have a seriously amazing birthday with lots of choco cakey and cookies! :p you katsu! :D ilu!!!

Go say happy birthday and give her cakey:

I'd also like to point out, i can't read or write in Japanese i got all the Japanese text from google translate..xD so i'm kind of hoping they do actually say what i translated
i annoyingly couldn't find my asylum intros either D: *mega fails*

Idk what it's name is xD i just know it is from full metal panic..i think it is the op =s

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