the shortCUTr. APP allows too the ~130 unique triggers " keySstroke shortcuts " i.e. tap on [1|2] ; [M─space] [WIN|ALT] : [S─X],

Beside the keySstroke shortcuts: •25 HOTkeys • ~107² 2key shortcuts.

Video: hotkeys*, 2key + "one after another key" shortcuts →↓.tk__(↓=ALT+25)

for the unlmtd # "one after another key" shortcuts use → or

KeySstroke Test + usage without registry changes
1) unzip 2) dragNdrop the .ahk file onto the .exe
3) tap on the default [WIN|ALT] shortcut ( and too [X|Y] if possible )
works on supporting keyboards.
On the other keyboards there is a double setup requiered i.e. 1& 2 + 2 & 1 assigned to the same target(S)/action(S).

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