Ned Vukovic has had a full career as a dialect coach on movie sets and as an actor in his own rite. He taught acting for film and television at the University of Victoria and managed to take his group of budding actors despite his diagnosis with ALS (Lou Garrig's Disease) half way through their four program.

I was able to get to UVic for his last class where, aided by his wife Lindsey, he was still giving the students a run for their money, tweaking their performances and expressions for optimum impact. They need no translation or help understanding him as they've grown to know him, his technique and words clearly in the years they've been privileged to have him mentor them.

I took the time after class to have the students talk about Ned, share 'Nedisms' and to have Ned himself participate in the discussion about being the teacher and the student in one of his classes.

This little film is dedicated to Ned, his students and the influence he's had in the lives of so many people on planet earth.

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