It was a crazy 2011.
We're still here and we're growing.

Opening the SORO Social CLub on top of just starting Petra Gallerie was an intense decision and didn't make our journey any easier...But man-O-man, it made our journey so much more interesting and it's turned into something bigger then we could of imagined!

I went through so much footage and didn't even scrape the surface. Which reminds me I have more stuff to edit and share with the masses.

I hope you all have enjoyed our story so far. We do our best to share as much of it as we can. After all we are surrounded by amazing people. It's a blessing, even if you don't believe in those. ;)

So once again, thank you everyone. I'm humbled, John is humbled, we're all humbled by the response we've got so far...but stay tuned cuz we've only just begun.

2012, is gonna be epic!

Snakebite Cortez
Petra Gallerie / SORO Social Club

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