The Great Lakes in photographs. One story. One photograph at a time.

For decades, I have been a professional still image photographer working primarily with analog film.

Recently, I introduced digital photography (still and video) into my workflow and it has changed how I am able to tell, create and share stories about my photographic projects.

The video "The Great Lakes In Photographs" is simply an overview and a work in progress of what I imagine a documentary could look like (if I were to make one) for my photographic work called The Fresh Coast Project.

The goal and end result of my still image work for The Fresh Coast Project will be a fine art coffee table book and a fine art print exhibition. Both will be released in the near future.

The still imagery for The Fresh Coast Project has been created using a Pentax 67 medium format camera, a Canon EOS1n camera and a Hasselbald Xpan Camera.

The digital content, both stills and video were created using a Canon 5D Mark II camera.

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