Location: Fergus Falls, Minnesota, USA
-Fergus Falls Regional Treatment Center
-Town of Fergus Falls
Date:December 29th, 2011

I heard a building in this video has been for sale since years ago. After Regional Treatment Center, a mental hospital, moved to a new place, this magnificent building became empty. Currently, this belongs to the city of Fergus Falls, Minnesota, USA.

This chateau-like complex was founded in the 1890s. I have gotten inside the building before with a city officer. It was really magnificent. I was impressed by its architecture and its simple geometric decorations. This place is great for filmmaking, especially horror movies.

I also heard that this historic architecture will be destroyed in 2013 if no one will buy it by then. The city wants to preserve it, though. It is still there as of Dec. 29th 2011. You can see much information from the following link:


If you are interested in this place, you may contact the city of Fergus Falls


A building over the lake is a city hall, but not the treatment center which is for sale.

Sony NEX-FS100
Sony E-mount 18-200mm
Sigma 150-500mm

"Zen Study" by jaspertine
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:

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