We had a really nice adventure trip in Egypt. Our base... Dahab. We went to 3 destinations, some already known by now and some totally new... amazing... Some friends followed on first spot, other on second and so on... With the trip we want people to remember what windsurfing really is, what it gives and how makes your life different. it is not about the money, or fame or whatever, it doesn't matter if you are world champion or doing just jibe, feeling on the water is the same...

This is the last destination of our adventure trip in Egypt... This time just one guy is sailing in the clip... Steven... Davy was injured, I was filming and unfortunately there was not enough wind to film more. We had epic conditions around one hour, and that is all what we could get. Even if the conditions were light I was amazed by the nature out there... you can not see stuff like this in Egypt... Caribeans in Egypt... mangroves, birds, everything the same in the water like on Bonaire, just desert around... Check the last part and enjoy the action, nature and search which we had with friends... sometimes you can not believe what windsurfing gives you....

In 2012 new adventure trip is coming up... that will be sick !!!

Thanks to Horen Stalbe for additional footage !!!

MUSIC: Citizen Cope- Bullet and a Target


Tilo Eber G414 / on JP, Neilpryde
Davy Scheffers H311 / on Tabou, Gaastra
Paul Zeper H115 / on Patrik, HotSailsMaui
Steven Van Broeckhoven B72 / on F2, Gaastra
Dimitry Rasskazov UKR16 / JP, Vandal
Andraž Žan SLO 49 / on F2, HotSailsMaui

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