!! Thank you for sending in your tweets and visiting the lightbugs in action. We decided to carry on collecting your messages and welcoming visitors to the installation even after the 6th of January. Check out the details on our Facebook page, keep on tweeting positive !!

It's been a difficult year. Probably the next one won't be any easier either. Bad news is pouring from the media. Everybody could use a bit of positivity in this situation. There's never been some much need of positivity around people and some good news instead of the bad ones.

This situation and our firm belief in the power of ideas and words inspired us to create the
#tweetpositive project.

About the project
We would like to gather people's positive thoughts into one place with an interactive installation and give it to the passersby as an inspiration. Therefore we'd like to ask everybody to share their positive thoughts on Twitter .
We wrap the positive thoughts into light-bugs. These bugs appear on an interactive projection on Design Terminal’s glass surface, in the heart of Budapest.

The installation can be discovered in an interactive way with motion sensors. If you catch one of the flying creatures, the tweet hidden inside the bug will unwrap itself and become readable.

Visit the project’s page to learn more:

The music we used in this video is:
Peter Bjorn and John - Dig a Little Deeper

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