In this interactive touchscreen experience, visitors peer through a magic window into the nine homes of Coca-Cola and have to decide for themselves what’s truth and what’s fiction.

Visitors stand in a room that evokes the late-nineteenth-century world of pharmacies and soda fountains, a world obsessed with trade secrets and new discoveries. Mysterious bottles and artifacts cover wooden shelves on the walls, and dozens of archive-style drawers invite discovery.

One of the drawers is slightly ajar and glowing, inviting the visitor to investigate. The drawer opens to reveal an interactive touchscreen that asks visitors to scan a finger. Once visitors are deemed “secure,” they can explore the nine headquarters of Coca-Cola in Atlanta during its century-plus history. The interface empowers a visitor to swipe their finger across paintings of each home of Coke to reveal hidden imagery. The visitor looks for hotspots on the paintings, which are “analyzed” by the computer through whimsical animations. Sharp-eyed visitors will notice that a mysterious man in a hat seems to have been on the scene throughout history.

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This project is part of the Vault of the Secret Formula at the World of Coca-Cola. Learn more here:

The Coca-Cola Company

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