Through a porthole, visitors experience a magical holographic vision of a time when Coca-Cola’s brand identity was threatened by a bevy of rank imitators.

Along the wall in the Triangle Room, circular lightboxes reveal the story of the growth of Coca-Cola and the many look-a-likes that cropped up in the wake of its success prior to the advent of Coke’s distinctive contour bottle shape. Visitors are surprised to find that one of these circles is not a lightbox, but a portal into a 3D show. A historic Coke bottle is assailed by impostor labels, which circle, the land, only to be scanned and destroyed in a variety of fun ways.

The unit integrates a physical artifact with digital media to create a holographic effect using the Pepper’s Ghost technique. Images seem to float in space, creating a magical experience that makes visitors wonder: how did they do that?

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This project is part of the Vault of the Secret Formula at the World of Coca-Cola. Learn more here:

The Coca-Cola Company

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