The Mystical Fonal Records Strobe Light app can be used to view the animation loops on the Shogun Kunitoki: Vinonaamakasio picture LP (Fonal, 2009). It works with iPhone 4 and 4s. (Android version is also in the works!). It is now available for FREE in the app store.

The app is based on The Mystical Shogun Kunitoki Strobe Light (FR-62SL) designed and built by Jari Suominen of Shogun Kunitoki. The physical strobe light is sold out so we decided to utilize the possibility to build an app to view the animations on the vinyl. The strobe app can also be used with any 16 frame animation record (for example Red Raven animated records) when rotated at 33 1/3 rpm.

To purchase Shogun Kunitoki: Vinonaamakasio picture LP visit

Information on the original physical strobe

Please note that using the strobe app can be dangerous for persons with epilepsy or tendency to it.

App code: Stephen Lumenta /
App graphics: Sami Sänpäkkilä
Copyright Fonal Records

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