Gary Franchi used to run a site called The Lone Lantern Society afew yrs ago that I came across on my way down the rabbit hole around 2004. It was a good site, great vids, pre-Youtube. Uou could tell it was the DIY hard work of 1 man, Gary Franchi. He worked at it and made it popular in a short time I suspect .

It seems some one pretty big noticed. Apparently, Aaron Russo, the man made famous for revealing the NWO Rockefeller plans in the years post 9-11 left his legacy to help Franchi with the greatly improved excellently produced online program, 'Restore the Republic'. Here is 1 of 2 of the excellent investigative reports on Obama's shady past. The other part is even more shocking. I will upload it soon.

I think the site is You can Google "Gary Franchi" & find it easy. I must confess I only found this out this year despite the fact Russo died in 2007, I'd assume the show's been on since 2008 at the latest. Based in Chicago, it wouldve been nice
Some of you may know who Aaron Russo is. Russo died of cancer in 2007 a year after he released his final documentary film, "Freedom to Fascism". In it, Russo recounts how he spoke with one of the famous Rockefeller family in New York City sometime in the year 2000 and was told all about how New York would be attacked, it would be blamed on a Muslim boogey-man, who would be a patsy.'
He was a successful Hollywood producer that had hits with first, The Rose with Bette Midler and Kris Kristofferson, then"Trading Places", with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akyroyd(?)
In the early 1990's, Russo began to see that there really was a New World Order and it wasn't just a "theory". He was from a vantage point to know much better than 99% of the rest of us by just working in the Hollywood film industry. Russo went on to run for president asa Libertarian in the 1990's as well. He supported patriotic and truth-telling organizations & indy media.
Aaron Russo just seemed to be a good guy that saw problems and wanted to do something to alert others hoping the truth would motivate enough people. Good vs evil basically. There's a long list of unsung heroes in America. Another one would be Benjamin Freedman and his infamous 1961 Willard Hotel Speech. That too can be heard on my channel. I believe it's titled "A Jewish Defector Warns America".

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