Workshop for Vitra Design Museum at Domaine de Boisbuchet, France. August 14-20th 2011.
The creative process and its development is usually based on a bidimensional and neutral structure.
To draw is to translate and change reality into a personal language on a lower resolution, making visible only our space of interest through a code of lines and notations.
The working enviroment at the domain offers a rich and complex canvas of stimulations.
We opened the scale and the limit of the usual working surface space -the drawing paper, to a more complex and direct medium-the landscape –the real space. Analisys and preproduction was done on small scale through some actions and live experiments. Results and conclusions on big 1:1 scale.
The aim was first to catalog and select by a perception Safari the working space in a bidimensional structure, to perform on a second stage a direct translation of this analysis, constructing the drawings with real elements, breaking out the usual limits of graphic/architectural/design projects to create a spatial experience scenario out of the sketches, to build with raw, primary drawings.
The result is a graphic installation made through the tailoring, cut and creation of drawings, lines and diagrams out of inflatables, lights, cardboard, etc. using the real space as a working model.
Reality as a media. Boisbuchet as a canvas.
Direction: Luis Urculo
Assistant: Mauricio Freyre
Participants: Eun Hee Jee, Ko Un Jang, Da Jeong Kim, Moon Young Joe, Nai-Yuan Cheng, Dung-Chuan Wen, Francesca Mendolia, Andrea Ruschetti, Nina Börnecke, Eva Descamps.
Film by Mauricio Freyre

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