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Madeline showing how to open a bottle of champagne that's been severely shaken. (May or may not end in disaster. Please do not attempt to do this, it's a waste of good champagne and could cause accidental fatality.)

We ended up vigorously shaking two different bottles that were stored at room temperature. The cut above shows the most 'dramatic' opening.

Shot on a Canon 60D @ 24p with a Tokina 11-16mm lens. Audio pulled from a Rode Video Mic w/gains controlled in camera. Raw footage just sequenced. (I wish I had more time to color correct in post, some shots are muted.)

Music Credits
Il Destino Mancato - Pietro Torre soundcloud.com/pietrotorre/il-destino-mancato-pietro
Drum Roll Please - The Found Sound Orchestra soundcloud.com/the-found-sound-orchestra/09-the-fso-drum-roll-please

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