Reality TV Executive Producers, Robert Arevalo and Hugh Fitzgerald, are now developing project concepts for the next generation of television shows that brings the genre of bounty hunting to a whole new fugitive recovery level for today’s modern bail enforcement agents.

Robert and Hugh have teamed up with California’s Most Trusted, Most Transparent, and Fastest Growing Bail Bonds and Bounty Hunting School in California in search of that gritty realism that forms the catharsis that reaches across to audiences to make them feel like they are there with the bounty hunters during felony hazard fugitive arrests.

This research and development project is fully funded and expected to have deliverable episodes in the can and ready for review by network executives who may be looking for new content suitable for mass audience distribution.

In this video, Robert leaps beyond common research and gets into the $h!# to better understand what a filmmaker needs to know for full feature length dramas or hardcore, truthful realities from the Lesser Known Mean Streets of California with the state’s leading authority on all things bail.

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