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We are pleased to announce that BlindSide has been accepted to the Cannes Short Film Corner, as part of the 65th Festival de Cannes 2012. The Cannes Short Film Corner is an area where accredited guests, film buyers, film festival programmers, producers and sales agents come to watch the selected short films in the digital film library. We are very honoured to be part of this collection.

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Directed by: Dimi Nakov
Produced by: Dimi Nakov & Graeme Cash
Screenplay by: Chantal Rayner-Burt & Sean O'Connor
Story by Dimi Nakov
Trailer Score by Kevin MacLeod at ( - Track Name (Wounded)

Becky's Voice Over and Monologue written by Barbara Watkins


Following her parent's separation, Becky's life changes for the worse when her mother, Amanda is blindsided by a charming stranger, who is not quite what he seems. One fateful night will forever change their destiny.

More About BlindSide:

BLINDSIDE is a short film that explores the relationship between a daughter and her separated parents. The film also tackles the issue of domestic violence and sexual abuse that happens behind closed doors in New Zealand.Family violence,mental and sexual abuse runs deep in our society and we all either have been witnesses,heard about it or involved somehow in some point of our lives.


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