Matt and I decided long ago (early 2006) that we wanted to enter the 7th annual film festival held at Art Institute of Schaumburg called Artimation. Our goal was to make a stand that the Graphic Design majors could very well enter and compete in a very video & animation filled world.

That said, we decided to do a typographical motion graphic piece to one of The Hush Sound's songs. We love the band, we love typography, we love design, and we love motion graphics. Heavily inspired by motion graphics studio MK12, we decided to try our shot at it.

Keep in mind that this was our first ever After Effects project. We taught ourselves the application just to get a submission in. Four+ days straight went into this bad boy, with necessary 5:00am McDonald's Breakfast stops.

** Inducted into Artimation 8 for this year's film festival, yay! **

** Special thanks to Darren Wilson for giving us permission to do this project in the first place. All the sweat and tears put in this was for you guys. **

** More thanks to all the bloggers and designers who have plugged our video, you guys totally kick ass. **

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