Dear Friends:

I am currently working on an on-going performance where I am re-contextualizing the act of raising my child Ajax as a work of art. As this is an experiment, and something I see ultimately as a collaboration with Ajax, I am unsure of what direction it will take me in or how long it will last. For now, I am committing to one year, spanning the first year of the child’s life, called Raising Baby X: The First Year.

Throughout the year I will be creating artwork out of my experience with various aspects of raising Ajax, such as breastfeeding, play time, bedtime stories, lullabies, holidays and key milestones in his development, culminating in a final exhibition and accompanying memoir. Arising from my belief that everyday life is the best performance art and that human life itself is the most profound work of art, I will be approaching my role as a mother in this light.

Enclosed is our first video "Baby New Year." The rest will be made available as podcasts for download at various opportune moments throughout the year. Please do consider making a tax-deductible donation to "Raising Baby X: The First Year" on Fractured Atlas as “raising a life is a work of art.”

Happy New Year 2012!
Marni, Jason and Ajax

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