A great song about the bond formed between a man and his dog, from one who really knows.

"Relationships are especially important to me, not the least of which is my partnership with my Leader dog, a chocolate Lab, Sam." explains upcoming songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Brad Strause from the band Strause & Company.

"I was getting along relatively happy and minding my own business when I started going blind in my late 30s and within the space of a year, I had lost my vision, my job, and my marriage. It was all like some old worn out blues song only not as entertaining."

"Now Sam is with me more than anyone else in my life, 24/7, while I work, play, eat, and sleep were literally never apart . Like blue jeans and pockets, I just come with a dog. It is an extraordinary thing to share so much life, faith, and trust with a dog Im careful to keep him happy and not piss him off. I truly owe a great deal of my independence to him and to his predecessor. Sams right there beside me every moment of the day and night, and is typically on stage with us during our Strause & Company shows doing his part (usually sleeping). He truly is my best friend.

Guests performances on the album include Kris Day and Jason Phelps from The Jerks of Grass on Your Circle as well as Louisiana protégés Matthew Doucet, Mark Meaux (Blue Runners), and Jimmy Breaux, Grammy nominated Accordion player with world renowned BeauSoleil on the Cajun inspired Possum Stomp.

For more info visit strauseandco.com

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