HackFwd Build 0.8 - Berlin Dezember 2011

Marco Börries has built three successful startups, including StarOffice (later known as OpenOffice). He shares his experience on how founders can be better leaders, and what he is doing differently now that he is running his fourth startup.

Here are summaries of the three of Marco's six insights. If you are a founder, or want to be a better leader, watch this video.

"You are it." Everything starts and ends with you. As a leader, you have no excuses, nothing else to blame or to default to, no 'but'. Being a leader means it might get lonely sometimes, but it all starts and ends with you.

"Trust needs to be given before it can be returned." Trust is important, but you need to entrust people with something before you can expect them to trust you. The problem with startups is that when you start, everything is unknown. Trust is therefore possibly the only thing that you start building on in the beginning, and as a leader you are responsible for creating that trust.

"Ask the questions that you do not want to hear the answers to". You need to go out of your comfort zone to do this, in a big way. Trust your gut, and if it seems difficult, make sure you ask the questions about it. It is painful but it is much easier to ask difficult questions upfront than to get your face pushed in the mud.

Watch the video for the examples and the insights. And watch more videos from our expert talks at Passion Meets Momentum.

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