Transgression Park presents our first jam at the new park - SnowBallin BMX Jam 2011. This is Part 2, showing the over 16 A and B group sessions with a bit of Harry Main's demo runs thrown in too.

Jam Results:
B Group Winners:
1st. Shaun Gornall
2nd. Katman
3rd. David Lorimer

A Group Winners:
1st. Anthony McGuirk
2nd. Francis Wright
3rd. Kriss Kyle

Thanks to the jams sponsors:
Haro Bikes, Baw Bags Underwear, 4Down Distro, Split Second, I-Five, Snap Distro, Premium Products, Scoop BMX, Zeal BMX Distro, Amity Bike Co, Nearly BMX, IMG Distro, State of Mind, Dig BMX Magazine, BSD.

Filmed and edited by Dave Sowerby

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