This is the first part, of that web serie.

Here is the story of that video.

Basicly, i wasn't suppose, work on this project. My friend Antonin Foliot, was the lead filmer/editor, for the french Dc team. But since, the crew have changed, few months before the deadline. Now i manage all this project as the lead editor/director/filmer. I make all the art direction & the motion design too.

Work with big companies, means, deal for music rights and stuffs. In our case, we had just a catalog, on an Universal music website. All the songs were pretty shorts, made for podcast and web content exclusively, and not really "amazing". Hopefully, a friend of mine (David Cabanne) , made an edit longer of that song, and especially better, with breakbeats...

Hope you'll envoy it

Filmer: Antonin Foliot / Yves Fraweel
additionnal Filming: Stéphane Garnier

Editor/Director/ Motion Design: Yves Fraweel

Music: Quesada Williams - Beale Street Cop Show (UNITED DC EDIT)

"Dc's What We Are" Logo : Tristan Badoual

Producer: DC shoes France

Made at: Neko Studio / Biarritz, France

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