This animation stemmed from the study of details of an earlier work ‘All in All’. All in All in turn was a composition comprising of several unused sketches and ideas, randomly put together and exported as one.

The random nature of the composition threw up interesting combinations of images and importantly, digital artefacts. I chose a number of individual details from All in All to work from and spent time examining and recreating the artefacts within each composition. During this period I saw the highly pixelated and blurry NASA images of the young planet LKCa 15 being formed 450 light years away, this had lost non of its dramatic impact because of its blurry and indistinct imagery.

Artefacts have been a recurring theme in my work and I had concurrently been working with field recordings of Japanese Temple Bells. The interesting thing about these recordings were the ‘flaws’ inherent within them, recordings of cracked or damaged bells, which also captured the background noises of birds or rain.

The flaws seemed to add an extra dimension to the recordings and as I also found when recreating the digital artefacts from the All in All sketches, their is a subtle beauty inherent within the ‘blurring’ or ‘splitting’ of individual pixels. A perceived understanding of the objects nature through the dissection of its constituent parts.

Additional sound from the improvisational group Minama was added, the whispered vocal lending an intimacy to the animation and irregular chimes, which acted as editing markers. The final piece of sound is of three slowly oscillating tones, created on a Roland SH-01, this is a digital equivalent of the resonance following the Temple Bell chime and served a bridge between the beginning and end of the first sequence.

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