Seattle's Bryan John Appleby and his band are quite the touring group. When their convoy came whaling down my street, I jumped in my car and led them to the top of Elysian Park. We set up with a top view of the rest of the park as well as Dodger Stadium, and the only sounds that could be here was instrument tuning and the cracking of jokes. That was until the police helicopters came roaring through the hills looking down on the Elysian valley. It was all these things that made this session special, especially the ending to *The Words of the Revelator*, when Bryan was forced to vocally go head-to-head with the helicopters circling above. That moment gave me goosebumps while I tried to keep my composure filming.

Bryan John Appleby plays with...

Joe Ruppert
Kyle Zantos
Luke Messimer
Cole Mauro

Thanks to Kyle Zantos for setting everything up!

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