To promote Whale Wars, the series that documents the battle to end whaling between Japanese whalers and the highly controversial Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Animal Planet wanted to create a spot wherein the viewer would be given a different perspective on the act of whaling by having the POV tethered to the tip of a harpoon. To accomplish this, we rented an industrial fishing boat and traveled 19 miles off the coast of Gloucester, MA.

Each promo opens on the deck of a whaling boat and follows the harpoon tip as it swivels, locks on its prey and fires. As we close in on the whale, a large, metallic object suddenly intercedes and as the camera pulls back from the action, it is revealed that the letters of the Whale Wars title have acted as a protective shield.

We shot at 100fps using the RED camera which gave us a great resolution for the visual effects as well as the ability to enhance the scene by traveling in "harpoon time." All in all, we ended up with a great spot, some stalwart mates, several Promax/BDA awards, and an unforgettable high seas adventure

Client:Animal Planet
Sr. Creative Director:Michael Eisenbaum
Supervising Editor:Barry Gliner
Executive Producer:Jamie Dugger

Exec. Producer:Chris Gargani
Director/CD: Brian Aumueller
Sr. Producer: Lauren Muir
DP:Steven Moyer
Editor:Shaun Sindelman
Art Director:Steven Harper
VFX Artist:Steve Harper
Animator:Chieh Yen
Compositing:Alejandro Monzon
Sound Design:Brian Aumueller

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