This is my first SPH simulation, where i try to make a nice rendering with water like stuff. I make 7 render passes and my pc takes just 160 hours ... rofl ... it takes so long because of full hd render ... my first full hd render ...

i reduce the particle count massive, because i really had some problems to simulate it, it takes ages, so i reduce the particles from some fantastrillionen to just 20000 or 40000 ... this is why it looks so "sphere'y" / the single thread dilema :-)

some datas about the video :

SoftImage Version 7.5 - i7-960 - 24 GB RAM - 8 Core - 3,2 GHz (simulation and plotting in XSI 7.5 is single thread)

Modelling an Animation : 3h
SPH settings : 24h
Total Storage : 3000 frames * renderpasses = ca. 250 GB
Rendertime Shaded : 3 min :-)
Rendertime Ambient and Diffuse : 96h
Rendertime Refraction : 6h
Rendertime Reflection Water : 12h
Rendertime Reflection Box : 5h
Rendertime Highlight : 4h
Rendertime Shadow : 5h
Rendertime Ambient Occlusion : 8h
Compositing : 4h
Rendertime Compositing : 2h
Video Finialize : 4h

Well detail informations are here : (German)

Hope you like it a little bit ^^ if not - let me know what i can do better ... i serious know that is NOT perfect ... and i am 100% sure there are some cool easy tricks to make it awesome ... but i didnt know them ... share it with me ^^

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