L.reducta dance project | "beautesque II" (video dance)
In this installment, the beautesque anti-heroines, dare a contact with the outside world,
desperately seeking the fairy-tale prince –like contemporary Ciderellas—in an attempt to overcome themselves.To do this, they’re going to reconstruct but also reconstruct the boundaries of their being, steering each other off track, constantly changing the rules of the game in their effort to prevail.
So they will reach their final destination wich is none other than the escape from their own inner microcosmos.
Attraction, repulsion, loneliness, friendship, order and chaos, all that compose the nature of woman, swirling to the sound
of a dreamy waltz that climaxes and finally is decontsructed ...along with them.
"L.reducta dance project" was founded in 2007 in Thessaloniki Greece.
Dancers: Xanthippi Papadopoulou,Irene Papadopoulou.
Choreography:Xanthippi Papadopoulou
Filmed end edited by Panos Boudouroglou
Actors:Stelios Doukouziannis,Roula Margianou
Music:Cries and whispers (from "Old Boy O.S.T -
Composed by Yeong Wook Jo)
Special thanks to: "Mikropolis" (Mikropolis.gr)
l-reducta.gr (l.reducta - vimeo)
L.reducta dance project 2011-2012.

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