Over the last 10 days I have watched approximately 250+ videos online
making it very difficult to pick out what I would consider to be my
favorite three videos. The first video that really stood out to me was of
Jake Aaronson riding at Keystone. This up and coming rider throws down on
the jumps with several double variations as well as some Kyle Clancy/Danny
Kass esq. unique stylish grabs on his flat spin. On top of killing the
jumps he also has a bunch of solid rail tricks. The second video I chose
was bHappy Productions Boreal TVC entry, which got me really excited to go
ride park with my friends. The edit is filled with lots of creative lines
and tricks, I have never seen people ride park like this before. My final
selection is the full length movie “Dope II”. This video has the best
riders you probably have never heard of before. As expected E-Man has a
really sick part that leaves you wondering what was regular or switch. Also
Alex Stathis, Kael Hill and Layne Treeter all have amazing parts. I suggest
you watch all these videos ASAP, until next time keep checking
thecatfishchronicles.blogspot.com and Buoloco.

Jake Aaronson: vimeo.com/33842795
bHappy @ Boreal: vimeo.com/33387322
Dope II: dope.tv/

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