noun \ˈwiŋ-ˌdiŋ\
1. A lavish or lively party or celebration.
2. A real or pretended fit or seizure; a rage.
An ode to a misunderstood font is rendered by laser printing directly onto 16mm film. Made in Microsoft Paint.


2012 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, Milwaukee WI
2012 Montreal Underground Film Festival, Montreal PQ
2012 Gimli Film Festival, Gimli MB
2012 Aurora Picture Show: Experimental Eye, Houston TX
2012 Sydney Underground Film Festival, Sydney AU
2012 Arizona Underground Film Festival, Tuscon AZ
2012 WNDX Festival of Moving Image, Winnipeg MB
2012 Antimatter Film Festival, Victoria BC
2012 University of North Carolina Print Dialog Days: No Moving Parts, Chapel Hill NC
2013 FLEX Florida Experimental Film + Video Festival, Gainesville FL
2013 CSIF $100 Film Festival, Calgary AB
2013 Chicago Underground Film Festival, Chicago IL
2013 European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck DE
2013 Basement Media Festival, Brooklyn NY
2014 Korean Film Archive: Club eX, Seoul KO
2015 Souvenirs from Earth Film Festival, Paris FR

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