Production company: Parallel Films
Directed by: Steve Barron

Sky 1's new two part adaptation of Treasure brings a fresh new look to the classic story. Set in a dangerous world of pirates and murderers, it follows the story of young Jim Hawkins as he accidentally discovers the infamous Captain Flints treasure map, taking him on a swash buckling adventure in search of his fortune

Realise Studios VFX Supervisor Diego Vazquez Lozano was in charge of the visual wizardry. Over 10 months the team worked on 672 of the shots, with 11 of them being full CG. One of the biggest challenges was to re-create the Bristol docks in the 1700s. As the current look of the city?s docks was too cluttered and busy to work with Dublin was chosen as the location for the live shoot. Once this initial stage was completed and the base shots captured then the mapping out and building up of the docks using CG could begin. By using old photos and paintings they were able to make it look so authentic you can almost smell the scurvy.

Creating tropical islands, sea floors, ocean scenes and getting Eddie Izzard to wear a green sock for the duration of the filming was no easy feat; you can see some of this impressive work in the trailer.

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