ElectroCircus is a multidisciplinary festival, it's a mix of music live, dance and video mapping to create a freaky funky party.
It's organized by CENC (cenc.ch)
Special thanks to Nuit Blanche?, miss ly One, dj swan, diabolux, cirqule, beamart, vj zero, Moooz crew, lumens8, Sheerday, Filastine, Dirtymadsound, chris, elza la contorsiniste punk, Sonia the Living Disco Ball, la belle steph, Crashhand, Eyeshaker, noisyBe, Mika, Pierrot for the lights, Noise Controle, Charly aka Pilot, julia, Copyleft, Unisson, Axiome, mapping festival, madmapper, Maya, Thomas, Pruno et Sintia pour la sérigraphie and all the performer.
a mega special thanks to cenc crew, prince jean kev, Lola, Yanik, Anna, Greg, Aloko.
more photo and video on electrocircus.ch

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