If you stole a mobile, what could you learn?
Experience it : 1year in 1 minute.

Dir./Ed. : Fabien Dapvril
Thanks to arte Studio

International Competition:
* 4th CinéPocket, Brussels (Belgium)
* 3rd SESIFF, Seoul (South Corea)
* 8th One Minute Film & Video Festival, Aarau (Switzerland)
* Mobile Screenfest 2011, Sydney (Australia)

National Competition:
* 5th Cinépoche, Sanry-les-Vigy (France)
* 4th Festival du Film Minute, Lille (France)
* 1st Festival Nikon JE SUIS UN HEROS (Web)

Simple selection :
* 2nd Festival Takavoir, Niort (France)

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