Final Project for Multimedia Design in Tunku Abdul Rahman College.

Directed/Produce/Story by Grafake

The short film that we produce named "Million Miles Away". Name of this short film represents the distance between Earth and the planet that appeared in this short film. The whole story will be divided into five chapters. We named each chapter and use it to describe the plot of the story. The name of each chapter are "Outset", "Origin", "Search", "Escape" and "Destination". Each chapter has its story, so audience can watch each episode randomly. However, audience can also watch each episode according to the scheduled playback sequence.

"Million Miles Away" is a short film that narrates the causes and consequences of a professor that escape to another planet. A group of ambitious professors is in the implementation of their big plan. In the process of implementation, serious accident that occurred caused all living creature in the world are under threat. In order to save their own life, they flee to another planet. Collision of spaceship and meteorite occurred when one of the Professor is on the way to another planet. When he awoke, he was on a desolate planet that has weak signs of life. The story will be continued with the incident that happens while the Professor finding the only signs of life on the planet...

for more details check out the MILLION MILES AWAY official website.

Music Credit :


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Track : "Play dead by Aurastys"
"No discovery by Aurastys"

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Track : "Return to the City by Woob"

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Track : "Solaris by Juno Reactor "

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Track : "Hypnos II (Lost For Words)", "0006" , "Giant" by HECQ"

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Track: "Nadia and Samuel Escaping" by Klaus Badelt

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