“Art Space” is a short film about finishing what you start, letting go of the ego and the connections that aren’t made until they are seen.
An artist (Beau Van Donkelaar) is working on a paper forest and the painter next door (Kathryn Burke) unintentionally gets in his way. The artist gets advice from a sage-like surfer (Chris Baskous), an aspiring energy expert (Tetteh Tawiah), and an older artist who has issues with letting go of his work played by, celebrated American artist, Guy Goodwin.
Filmed in Long Island City, Queens, in an 'art space', that has since been converted into a luxury hotel known as the Paper Factory, the film is a tribute to the artists that struggle to live and work in New York City.
Beau Van Donkelaar
Kathryn Burke
Chris Baskous
Tetteh Tawiah
Guy Goodwin

Rob Neilson-Director of Photography
Directed & Edited by Kathryn Burke

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