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Exocortex ImplosiaFX BETA 2 changelog:

- Added ability to scale voronoi chunks x\y\z
- Improved controls for "Continuous" type
- Voronoi and Continuous can has "inset=0"
- Added full normals transferring
- Added chunk volume threshold ( if volume of the current chunk is less than threshold - bypass it )
- Full rewrited gigatopo data type which is much stable and flexible than old
- Added ability to transfer per-face integer attribute ( in the "Face ID" ports ) instead old per-object context
- New nodes: 1) "IFX Collector" which gives input geometry as ppos and polygonal description arrays and outputs gigatopo type with all corresponding info
2) "IFX Get Knife" which generates three types of primitive : subdivided and textured plane\box\sphere ( box is used for Continuous fragmentation and that allows us to dramatically cut the loading-in-ICEgraph time due to much smaller number of nodes )
- Two new sub-types of iterative: 1) "irregular" which allow to break geometry with variable dencity;
2) "center-radial" which allow you to control density by input points ( nulls for example ) with appropriate radius
- Iterative sub-type "uniform" ( oldest ) from this time has "multi-pass" option that allows you use additional fracture pass,
which might be useful for example during using a "min chunk volume threshold" option to break some biggest chunks into smaller ones
- Improved and extended "IFX Accessor" node
- Added progress bar
- Critical bugfixes in "Iterative"
- Other bugfixes

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